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  • I had the opportunity to work with Wes Walls and I had the absolute fastest and best customer service. He was very professional and informative. Provided me with everything I needed to protect my home and family for an excellent price. I highly recommend Insurance Center of Harrisonburg.

    Bia Bowers Avatar Bia Bowers

    I want to take a minute to say thank you to Wesley Walls at Insurance Center of Harrisburg VA!!! He just saved me over 400.00 a year on insurance. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. Such a friendly guy and he actually cares about you and wants to get to know you. If any of my friends or family is tired of paying an outrageous amount for insurance get in touch with this guy. Once again thank you Wesley for all your help!!!

    Suzanne Kessler Avatar Suzanne Kessler

    Mike Rodes with Insurance Center is great. He's helped me get the best rates and deals with General Liability, Workers Comp., Health Insurance, and now we are working on the vehicles. If you need any policy I recommend checking with him first.

    James Holloway Avatar James Holloway
  • If you want to save money; I recommend Erie!!! I am paying half of what I was paying with my old insurance co. Thank You for saving me money !!!!! If you need help ask for Kenny!!! _Irina (very satisfied customer!)

    Irina Goretskiy Avatar Irina Goretskiy

    I really was amazed on how much i saved. What I pay for a full year for my auto insurance, is what I payed for a half of a year with my old Insurance!!!!! Great Customer Service too!!! Very Sincere and Personal!!! Thank You !!!!! and if your in the Harrisonburg area ask for Kenny!!!!

    Irina Goretskiy Avatar Irina Goretskiy

    Insurance Center of Harrisonburg has helped me with my small business insurance. They've been great to work with.. They really took the time to help me understand my options so I could make very informed decisions on which coverage I felt was best for my company. I trust them and highly recommend them! Thanks Guys

    Doug Detrick Avatar Doug Detrick
  • I have been friends with Wes since high school, just recently we had him look over our insurance policy and he offered us a new insurance policy with Erie that gave us better coverage than what we had for both our home and automobiles. All of this and managed to save us almost $1,000 a year. Thank you so much.

    Jessica Robinson Avatar Jessica Robinson

    Recently moved to Virginia and bought a dairy farm. We switched our insurance and worked with Kenny. We have a lot to insure that can be difficult and he did very good. He was fast, easy to work with and always willing to answer my questions.

    Maranda Smith Avatar Maranda Smith

    I met Wesley Walls two years ago. He is a very friendly person. My family and I love his personality. Not only is Wes personable, he is also caring and loves to help people. He helped me and my family by saving us a lot of money on our insurance. Wes is an excellent business man and is very professional yet down to earth. We will continue to stay with the Insurance Center in Harrisonburg.

    Emily Miller Avatar Emily Miller
  • Wesley Walls at the Insurance Center of Harrisburg is the super man of agents. Saved my family lots of money on insurance and my recent claim he was with us every step of the way. And I have the honor to call him a friend. Thanks for all you do.

    Chris Adkins Avatar Chris Adkins

    Wesley walls was extremely helpful with all our questions we had,saved us money yearly and gave us more coverage. Highly recommend Erie!!!!! Thanks again Wes

    Jerry Justice Avatar Jerry Justice

    Wesley Walls saved us a couple thousand dollars a year. Plus a lower deductible. I appreciate him so much. He is very nice and helpful. He is an extraordinary man!!!! Thanks to Mr. Walls!!!

    Allen Sandy Parsley Avatar Allen Sandy Parsley
  • Extremely satisfied with Erie insurance. Wesley Walls has managed to cut my insurance finances in half, give me great rates on homeowners insurances & always goes above & beyond for me. Even on my aggravated "bill" days he's always been so calm & helping with working whatever problems out.

    Kayla Clay Avatar Kayla Clay

    Wesley Walls is awesome! Saved me a ton of money and gained coverage that I didn't have before! Highly recommend Erie to everyone and recommend Wesley as an agent. He's a hometown guy for us and his services are unbelievable! Thanks so much.

    Joshua Justice Avatar Joshua Justice

    Wes has been amazing from day one! I'm so thankful that I found out about him insuring people in Logan County! I must say there is no one around us that can beat his rates! He was so welcoming and easy to work with us, doubled our coverage and cut our deductible in half! He saved us not only yearly but so much more on the month!! His work is amazing! Love his work! And last but not least he is a great man of God...this always makes it better to work with someone! Go get your quote today and SAVE SAVE SAVE!! $$$

    Latasha Ellison Avatar Latasha Ellison
  • Wesley Walls has not only saved us money on our homeowners insurance but has also given us a better coverage than we previously had. He has been very easy to work with and professional since our initial contact with him. Thank you very much Wesley Walls for your assistance with our insurance needs.

    Chris Thompson Avatar Chris Thompson

    Wesley is a very good person and easy to work with. Anytime I've ever had a problem he's always been fast to respond and always resolved the problem. Not to mention, how he's helped us with the best coverage that helps us financially. Saved us a ton of money. He's a great agent and friend as well.

    Jamie Hall Avatar Jamie Hall

    Wes Walls is an excellent insurance agent to work with. He takes his time and explains everything in a way that's easy to understand. He has saved us tons of money! I would recommend his services to anyone.

    Carey Fulk Avatar Carey Fulk
  • Wesley Walls has saved my family so much money and we even have better coverage than what we had before we switched to Erie Insurance. Also you couldn't find a nicer guy to do business with who would do anything he can to help his clients.

    Stacie Urconis Epperly Avatar Stacie Urconis Epperly

    I use them for my personal and business. They always are always willing to help and find me the info I need.

    Leon Brubaker Avatar Leon Brubaker

    Wes Walls is an excellent agent who goes above & beyond for his clients! He has saved us tons of money & continues to help us with any questions that arise!

    Sabrina Dorman-Andrew Avatar Sabrina Dorman-Andrew
  • Doubled my coverage and saved us a bunch of money!!! Such a great person!!! Thanks Wes!!!!

    Mallorie Simpkins Hall Avatar Mallorie Simpkins Hall

    Wesley Walls is so easy to work with and saved us tons of money. He is an awesome agent not to mention a great friend!

    Krista Danny Owen Avatar Krista Danny Owen

    Go get'em Wes!

    Tim Brown Avatar Tim Brown

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